Sales & FI Module

The Sales & FI module allows you to track sales, profits, and costs. It also provides easy access to financial information from your accounting software.

  • Inventory Management.

  • F&I calculations.

  • Multiple Quotes.

  • Sales Dashboard.

  • CRM & Website Integration.

  • Payment Processing.

  • Extended Warranty Integration.

  • Electronic Contracting.

  • Access To Lenders.

  • Form Printing.

Service & Parts Module

This module is for all the parts and services that you may need when your car breaks down or before a big trip. You can get oil changes, tires rotated, checkups are done to ensure everything with running at its best! This service & parts module allows customers an easier way of getting their vehicle checked upon by professionals.

  • Service Dashboard, Warranty Integration.

  • RFID Integration.

  • Website Integration for Real-Time Service Appointment.

  • Parts Inventory Management and Tracking.

  • Manual or Automated RO Dispatch System.

  • Special Order Tracking, Special Order Alerts.

Payroll & HR Module

The payroll & HR module is a new feature that businesses are using to automate their processes. It allows employees and employers alike to make transactions online, instantly gaining access to benefits like direct deposit or tax filing software at the same time. This allows integrating with third-party payroll software easily.

  • Face Recognized Clock-in & Clock-out.

  • Employee Portal, Automated Emails for Pay-slips.

  • Easy Payroll Reporting.

  • Employee History Tracking, Vacation Tracking.

  • Automated Employee Receivables.

Accounting Module

The accounting module of the automotive industry is one of the major parts. Dealerships are able to see their all profits and losses, along with different types of reports within this section.

  • Accounts Payable.

  • Accounts Receivable.

  • Vendor Verification.

  • Access to OEM Accounting Templates.

  • Bank Reconciliation.

  • OEM Financial Statement Integration.

  • Detailed Reporting.

Dealer Management System (DMS)

ION DMS’s cloud-based technology is the perfect tool for any business to have, as it combines all of your needs into one easy platform. It’s powerful and efficient tools make running a company easier than ever before!

ION DMS has been providing Dealership Management Services and advice to us for over 7 years.

ION DMS is an excellent software solution that provides great value, as it saves you time and money. The lightweight interface ensures a fast-loading experience every single day without compromising on quality or usability.

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Office Manager

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